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OK, the way czary mary

Streebog, Stribog, Strzybóg - the God "from the three"/"from the tree" has various etymological decompositions but is usually considered a wendo-slavic Wind God, who is driving the Mandala (the windmills of mind, by this connecting earth with heavens). He is also associated with goal-orientedness, excellence and richess. Figuratively he is motion, change, renewal, innovation and even chaos. He tests what you build. The Slavic people invited the wind into the house in the hope to bring energy and wealth. In German we keep memory of him in the words related to Strebsamkeit, like streben or strebig sein. The windy God is sometimes dark and associated with malicious intelligence and criminal activity (strieb uk - to learn from the wrong tree or to learn from the wrong branch). When the wind is blowing strong, you will need a windchill.