SKYBOLTTM Reactor Progress to Market

The availability of the SKYBOLTTM Reactor to the general public depends upon a number of factors.

What is holding us back?

Besides rules and regulations concerning how capitalization can be legally obtained to finance the development of this technology? Besides the fact that this technology represents the greatest breakthrough of the century and so is met with unbridled skeptism?

Simple. $$$$$

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1) While virtually all points of the fundamental design concepts relating to the SKYBOLTTM Reactor concept have some experimental verification, a small experimental test reactor needs to be built.

2) SingTech will in no case allow this project to be 'bought up' or 'shelved'.

3) If you have reasonable suggestions which might be of use to SingTech in obtaining capital for this project, please email us at:

What we are looking for here are ideas and suggestions for capital formation.

4) If you know of any honorable person whom you believe is trustworthy who has experience in raising capital for unusual projects who might be interested in this enterprise please put them in touch with us.

5) People Needed

If the God has blessed you with insight and a wise heart in technical (or financial) matters so that if you have any of various skills which may be of value to us and you are moved to assist us then do not hesistate to contact us to see how you can fit in as we begin to assemble a team.

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