Unification of Electromagnetism and Gravity
The Electromagnetotoroid Model

What were you looking for here? Would you actually like to see the unification of electromagnetism and gravity?

Well, I've got good news for you!

It has been accomplished and it has been implemented in the design features of the SKYBOLT(TM) Reactor System. I'm not going to give it all to you here right on these pages. But I will give you some important clues.

First, the pathway to unification starts with having a correct and reasonable and rational model for the unit charge of a fundamental charged particle. Once you have the correct model for charge then it is almost obvious and trivial to grasp how to produce or create a structure with the unit gravitational charge. In my new book "When Shiloh Comes" I have, starting in Chapter 21, outlined the basic axioms for the derivation of the unit charge. From there on I make it simple. A bright high school student with a decent understanding of vectors can be taught the entire matter of the unification of electromagnetism and gravity in under four hours. Chapter 21 starts like this:

<begin book excerpt>

Chapter 21

Fundamental postulates or axioms from which can be
deduced the basic model of the unit charge.
1. The universe consists of quanta.
2. All motion is relative.
3. Quantum particles can only have motion with
respect to other quantum particles and not with respect
to any arbitrarily contrived coordinate system.
4. All quanta obtain to the lowest energy state available.
5. All motion between any pair of quantum particles
can be reduced to a pair of antiparallel (conjugate)
velocity potentials.
6. Principle of the non-preferentiality of viewpoint.
7. Principle of the simultaneous validity of viewpoint.
8. Principle of the consistency of viewpoint.
9. In a universe of n quanta each quantum particle has
the potential to be prosecuting n-1 trajectories.
Since I went over these by heads then it is reasonable that I
expand on each; several are intuitively obvious assumptions
based upon experimental data......<end book excerpt>

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I encourage you to order the book, which is in a PDF (Portable Document Format) and is over 500 pages. It is the desire of the ages for physicists. This book isn't simply a bunch of idle theory making. It actually does give you the straightforward logical derivation of the nature of the unit charge and from thence naturally leads you to the unification of electromagnetism and gravity. It discloses a previously unknown property of a gravitational field (gravitational charge separation) that then lets anyone understand the origin and nature of 'Isaacium' which is the same thing as 'cold dark matter'. The existence of Isaacium rings in stars was directly deduced from this model. The model is correct. The entire process of scientific discovery related to this model has followed the same epistemological principles with regard to the evaluation of the knowledge uncovered championed and followed by René Descartes, Euclid and many others who have brought true knowledge to the world. This book contains new discoveries of electric and magnetic flux loop dynamics and properties previously unpublished (because not a scientist in the world knew about them until this book became available) that also discloses the mechanism by which large scale natural flux loop systems can actually create matter in the form of neutrons. This book turns cosmology and astrophysics and particle physics upside down and shows what pseudoscientific nonsense has been foisted off on an unsuspecting and far too trusting public in the speculations factory that emerged from the pseudoscientific concept of a nuclear strong force. You'll learn how stars really work (and it isn't by fusion!) and how stars and other large scale flux loop based structures actually create new matter in the universe. You'll learn how planets form and grow. That's right planets grow! If you don't think so then use google and put in the arguments (earth expansion and maxlow) or go to and look at Karl Luckert's site that has powerful animations of planetary expansion tectonics.

More Pseuodscience Uncovered

In this book you'll see disclosed how it can be proven that black holes are a pseudoscientific fiction. You'll learn about the processes and dynamics of stellar jet systems and how supernovae actually occur and you'll learn what can make a planet explode violently (our asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars is the debris field of an exploded planet). In a single book you're going to get the foundation of the physics that will be taught in the world for the next 1000 years.

Big Bangism is Pathological Pseudoscience

The Charge Separation Effect of a monolithic large scale flux loop gravitational structure naturally accounts for redshifting. You'll find that the fraud astrophysicists have been arbitrarily distributing galaxies and remote objects in their worldview according to each object's measured redshift and not according to any actual distance and hence have been foisting off a picture of an expanding universe to an unsuspecting public. Electrons in atoms that are in the near region of a gravitational terminus loop structure, because of the charge separation effect, cannot fall down to as low of an energy state as they could if they were at a greater distance from the gravitational terminus, hence, their emission of photons of lower energy. There is no arbitrary distance distribution since strong gravitational sources can be either near or far.

Photons are tiny gravitational charge units

The true nature of photons is revealed in this book and you'll understand and be able to deduce that they are, in fact, tiny gravitation charge units. You'll see for yourself how nonsensical is the equivalence principal, which is the foundational pillar of General Relativity.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Openly Revealed

Even very famous scientists like Albert Einstein balked at the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (HUP). Why? Well, simply because even though it was true or could be experimentally found to be true, people didn't actually understand how it could be true. This was basically a failure to understand fundamental concepts such as momentum and position with respect to quantum particles. You'd think all the famous people who had trouble accepting HUP would have a good idea about these concepts but they didn't. Even Heisenberg didn't really understand why his famous principle was true. Now, with a full explanation of the basic quantum axioms related to motion why HUP is true becomes self evident. Find out. Buy the book today!

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This information is revolutionary and you're getting the book directly from the author. I'm certain that you won't be disappointed. This book proves that the so-called nuclear strong force is entirely electromagnetic in nature. This means that 'gluons' and 'quarks' are pseudoscientific fictions that have led astray young scientists and physics students for an entire generation and has wasted billions in taxpayer dollars. This book is the real thing. It is available for your gift or donation of $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling in the U.S. or Money orders payable in U. S. Dollars that can be cashed at U. S. Banks only.

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